Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Club Penguin Stamps: Thin Ice Guide (Levels 1-10)

Here is a short video on how to do levels 1-10 on thin ice. It should help you to get the stamp because you got most of it done! Good Luck earning the stamps!:

So once you have done levels 1-10 on thin ice you will be almost half way done! There are exactly 19 levels on thin ice so you just need to do 9 more! Good Luck!



Rosie7721 said...

Great Post Pagger :) This is really helpful because I don't have all thin ice stamps :| LOL :)

Pagger2 said...

LOL Thanks Rosie! I Hope it helps you and all the others! :D

Anonymous said...

Thnx Pagger2 all your posts have been very helpful for me earning stamps