Thursday, August 5, 2010

Club Penguin Stamps: All Fuel Rank Stamps (Levels 1-5)

These stamps are when you need to get all the fuel cans on Levels 1-5 on Jet pack Adventure. So if you don't know where all of them are just watch the videos I made showing where they all are, I hope this helps you get the stamps. Good Luck!

Fuel Rank 1 (Level 1):

Fuel Rank 2 (Level 2):

Fuel Rank 3 (Level 3):

Fuel Rank 4 (Level 4):

Fuel Rank 5 (Level 5):

Well those are all the Fuel Rank Stamps and I hope those videos helped you get all of them, also if you did them all in one game you get another stamp which means you did it all at once not quit and start again. So I hope these videos were helpful and I hope you get all of the Fuel Rank Stamps! Good Luck!



Rosie7721 said...

Wow THANKS! I still need ALL My jet pack stamps LOL :) This will help :)

Pagger2 said...

Np Rosie LOL. :D

Je45rry said...

Thanks, Pagger2! Finally I get my Fuel Rank 3 and my Fuel Command stamp!

Pagger2 said...

@Je45rry Np Je45rry I'm really glad it helped you. :D