Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Club Penguin Stamps: Berg Drill Stamp

If you want to get the Berg Drill stamp you have to go to the ice berg (a secret room on club penguin that can be found on the very right of your map) and put on any drilling hat you have.

Once you're at the Ice berg and you have your drilling hat on you need to have at least 30 penguins drilling also so I recommend you go to a full server and tell all your friends you know to help you if you can. I recommend Abominable if you're a member otherwise you can ask your friends if you can't get in a full server. Good Luck!




Je45rry said...

That is the third stamp I earned, the first one was of the 183 days and the second one was the 364 days!

Pagger2 said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for commenting Je45rry.